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Saturday, 13 February 2016 01:55


Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos: Brian McGee

Fab Fours most ambitious build to date.

One glance at the four-wheeled machine and you’re both intrigued and confused, scratching your head as you try to figure out what the hell it is. At first, you might think it’s a movie prop for an upcoming sci-fi flick, but then realize it’s a Jeep Wrangler with possibly the craziest aftermarket mods you’ve ever laid eyes on. Called “THE LEGEND”, the statement-making Jeep was unveiled at last year’s SEMA Show (and made waves at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab back in March) by aftermarket bumper manufacturer Fab Fours to showcase their capabilities.

Owner/CEO of Fab Fours Inc. Greg Higgs sought out to make a “ridiculous Jeep” that captured his imagination and the ability of his company, resulting in an innovative build that’s sure to go down in the history books as one of the craziest Jeep concept builds ever. “Innovation and taking risks is part of what attracts people to Fab Fours,” Higgs explains. “Sure, this Jeep will not be for everyone, but there is one universal truth to it: Different.”

The idea for such a beast started back in 2010, when Higgs went out to Easter Jeep Safari and spotted a couple of awesome purpose-built rock crawlers that had crazy proportions. “You get so used to seeing normal lifted vehicles that fit big tires, that when you see one that has distorted proportions, it grabs your attention – and in my case – imagination.”

Right off the bat, your eyes will notice the massively exaggerated Fab Fours steel fender flares and the one-off Fab Fours integrated grille/bumper that they call, and trademarked, “Grumper” with a winch mount. The giant 50” Alliance off-road tractor tires wrapped around 24” American Force Wheels Thor faceplate rims also vie for your attention, but it’s the “crazy wide” Dynatrac Pro-Rock 80 axles that cause jaws to drop.

“These suckers are 75” wide at the wheel mounting surface and are the burliest axles available on the market today, short of going to military-grade take outs! Obviously the 4” chop top is the part that makes this build over the top, only to be accentuated by the highly illegal red-over-chrome tint!”

A sleek looking brushed titanium finish wrap covers the exterior and includes an embossed Fab Fours logo on the hood to let everyone know who built the insane Jeep. Inside, an ARC Audio system provides the ride’s soundtrack for any off-roading adventures, while Katzkin leather graces the interior, along with black and red Barracuda seats.

Since Fab Fours already builds custom trucks and Jeeps for marketing and product testing purposes, they’ve naturally created many partnerships with many aftermarket manufacturers, so finding parts for this unique build wasn’t that difficult. But what did become a challenge throughout the process of the build was getting it done on time for the big Vegas show. Even with a tight deadline, THE LEGEND was ready for SEMA and received tons of attention – both good and bad.

“The general public absolutely loves it, even though they don't really know what it is – they just know it looks awesome,” Higgs says. “Now the off-road community…that’s a different story. Lots of dudes are quick to thumb their nose at anything that is different. And if it’s not the way they would have done it, then it’s clearly lame. ‘The fenders are too big, why waste money chopping a top…yada, yada… This Jeep wasn’t built for that guy and his narrow vision. It was built to make kids and old guys smile from ear to ear and get pictures with it. And to that end, it was an overwhelming success!”

THE LEGEND was even featured on Jay Leno’s Garage car-centric web series, as his team deemed the Jeep the most radical vehicle of the SEMA Show. And because Higgs envisioned even more for his out-of-the-ordinary Jeep, he’s since then built another one – THE LEGEND 2.0WOAH, which blends all the crazy proportions of the first, but addressed all of the functionality issues that come with a prototype, including ones that were found while testing its functionality during a week-long rock crawling trip across Colorado on 44” boggers.

“My marketing team gave me the kibosh on taking it off-road since they would need it in “show-ready condition” for the next year. That’s where THE LEGEND 2.0WHOA comes in since we had to shut down the naysayers that said she was a trailer queen. It was true for a moment, but only because of her celebrity status and the need to stay pristine so that people could experience THE LEGEND in its original form.”

Look for THE LEGEND at an off-road show or consumer show near you to see its massiveness up close and personal, and stay tuned for what THE LEGEND 2.0 will feature! Oh, and Higgs has a few parting comments, too: “To all of the police that love THE LEGEND as much as the next guy, keep giving me warnings, and to the haters that keep hating... did Leno bring your rig to The Garage?”


Suspension & Performance
  • Custom Fab Fours fabricated control arms with Currie Johnny Joint heims
  • Fox Remote Reservoir 2.0 Shocks & 2” Fox Air Bump Stops
  • JKS Manufacturing Acos Front Adjustable Coil Spring Mounts with Air bumps
  • Retains factory JK coils
  • Dynatrac ProRock80’s with RCV components 5:38 Gears
  • PSC Full Hydraulic Double Ended Steering
  • Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts
Wheels & Tires
  • Alliance 550 400/80R24 - 50” tires with custom Fab Four logos by TredWear
  • 24” Thor faceplate wheels by American Force WheelsExterior & Protection
  • Brushed Titanium Finish wrap with embossed FF logo on the hood
  • Smittybilt 4” Chopped JK fiberglass top
  • Custom Fab Fours Steel Fender Flares
  • Custom Fab Fours integrated grille/bumper with winch mount
  • Warn Zeon 12 Platinum Winch
  • Factor 55 ProLink winch accessories
  • Red Window Tint – Custom 2 layer process tint on all windows, using transparent red & mirror finish tint
  • Off-Road Only LED Tail-lights
  • Oracle Lighting Halo Headlights with laser etched Fab Fours logo and side LED Mirrors
Interior & Sound
  • Katzkin custom leather interior with black and red Barracuda seats
  • ARC Audio Stereo System

Fab Fours | • JKS Manufacturing | • Smittybilt | • American Force Wheels | • FOX Shocks | • Alliance Tires | • Katzkin | • Warn | • ARC Audio | • Oracle Lighting | • Dynatrac | • Factor 55 |