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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 00:57


Written by Deanne Deluna | Photos: Dale Martin

David Sam's 1955 Chevy Apache project.

The best kinds of builds are the ones that continue to be worked on. A custom ride is never really complete in the eyes of the builder and there’s always something more to add to make it really pop. Such was the case for David Sam of Auburndale, FL, and his 1955 Chevy Apache truck. After searching for a “classic truck,” he stumbled upon his soon-to-be masterpiece, which had already been restored like new.

“When I originally bought the truck, I had every intention on keeping the truck the way it was and just adding a stereo system,” Sam explains. “But once I saw the Specialty Forged wheels, I had to put those on it.” So he switched out the 20” wheels that were already on the truck with a set of 26x16 Specialty Forged gloss black and milled wheels wrapped in massive 40x15.50R26LT Fuel Off-Road Mud Gripper tires. “When I saw them online, they blew my mind just how big they were and I knew they would look perfect on my ’55, which already had a lift high enough to clear them; I just needed to change the running gear out.”

As for the audio, the classic pickup was given a modern system with a new Retro Sound Digital radio with Rockford Fosgate components, Sundown Audio 8” subs and two Crescendo 400W and 600W amps. The frame features a complete rectangle tubing with a 454 Big-Block motor, Turbo 350 Transmission and a Deuce-and-a-half transfer case. After Sam purchased the truck, he added a custom leaf spring suspension that gives the truck its unique look. He also added a fully functional hydraulic dump bed with brand new black stained wood floor kit, in addition to aftermarket power steering, 4-wheel all-disc brakes and an aftermarket air conditioning system.

Sam bought the Apache to be a weekend cruiser and wanted to add to its unique looks for his own personal enjoyment - not to be taken to shows or become Internet famous, which would eventually happen. Being extremely satisfied with his additions, Sam enjoys taking the Apache out for weekend rides and prides himself on collecting stares whenever it hits the road.

GEAR: 1955 Chevy Apache

  • 26x16 Specialty Forged SF001 wheels in gloss black and milled finish with forged center caps
  • 40x15.50R26LT Fuel Off-Road Mud Gripper M/T tires
  • 454 Big-Block engine
  • Custom one-off leaf spring suspension
  • Standard ’55 Apache body painted Canary Yellow
  • Hydraulic dump bed
  • Standard ’55 Apache steel interior with black leather seats and yellow piping
  • Dakota Digital gauges
  • Aftermarket air condition
  • New Retro Sound digital radio
  • Rockford Fosgate component sets
  • Sundown Audio 8" subs
  • (2) Crescendo 400W and 600W amps
Shops that worked on truck
PSI Customs (Lakeland, FL) installed entire radio, amps, and subs with custom fiberglass pods for the component sets, who also installed new stained black wood bed panels. Guy Fabrication (Auburndale, FL) Removed all half ton running gear and replaced with ¾-ton running gear to support new 26x16 rims

PSI Customs | • Rockford Fosgate | • Sundown Audio | • Crescendo Audio | • Dakota Digital | • Specialty Forged Wheels | • Fuel Off-Road |